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How to Host the Perfect Thanksgiving

Whether this is your first time hosting a Thanksgiving meal or it is a family tradition to celebrate the festivities at your home, putting all the pieces together to create the perfect holiday can be stressful. With November here and the start of the holiday season upon us, Perry Homes wants to help you organize a celebration to remember.

Make a Plan and Stick to It

It is never too early to start planning for Thanksgiving. Take out a pen and paper as soon as you are finished reading this blog post, take a deep breath and think about what needs to be accomplished. Separate your task list into categories such as “Food and Drink,” “Guests,” and “Timeline.” Think about the questions that must be answered for you to put together your holiday event. What dishes are you going to prepare? Who are you going to invite? What entertainment are you going to provide before and after the meal? Write out the initial list and then carry it with you at all times. As you are going about your daily routine, you may think of more items to add to the list. Getting prepared early is a key step to a successful day.

Buy and Prepare What You Can in Advance

With all the food that needs to be prepared for a Thanksgiving feast, it would be impossible to do it all the morning of the big day. Figure out which dishes can be prepared in advance, such as potato casserole, cranberry sauce and salad dressings, and get cooking as soon as you can. There are also items that cannot be made ahead of time, but can be partially prepared. These include stuffing, garnishes, and dinner rolls. For more ideas on preparing food ahead of time, check out this helpful blog post from the Food Network.

Set Your Table

While setting the table may not be at the forefront of our minds during the frenzy of Thanksgiving preparation, it is a crucial part of the big day. Make certain that you have plates set for all of your guests and leave room for side dishes and sauces to be passed and placed. Some people say that setting the table in advance helps them feel less overwhelmed and that once this crucial task is done, the rest of the holiday seems much more manageable. For ideas on how to set your table in the best way for your celebration, take a look at this slideshow by Southern Living.

Don’t Forget About Beverages

With so much focus on food, it can be easy to let the drinks slip through the cracks. Be sure that you have stocked both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Popular alcoholic beverage choices include both red and white wine, sangria and even hot apple cider with rum. For children and those who do not drink alcohol, supply drinks such as lemon or cucumber water, soda and non-alcoholic cider.

Let Yourself Have Fun

Even with the stress of making sure everything falls into place, Thanksgiving is first and foremost about being cheerful and thankful! If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask friends and family to help you get everything set up and enjoy their company as you pull it all together. There are few holidays as joyous as Thanksgiving, so let yourself enjoy it.

Perry Homes wants to help you enjoy the holidays during this festive time of the year. Take a look at our website to spot your dream house to host Thanksgiving in.